Various Dates - Sea Kayaking Skills & Rolling Clinics

14th to 20th May - Coached Expedition to Southern Crete with Owen Burson

June to August 2018 - Greenland Program

4th to 11th September - Kayak, Hike & Wild Camp in Ithaca (Beginner Friendly)

17th to 23rd September - Island Hopping - Greece (For Intermediate Paddlers)

23rd to 30th September - Yoga Retreat with Hiking, Sea Kayaking & Beach BBQ!

1st to 7th October - Trail Hiking in Ithaca

31st October - Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning with Owen Burson

1st to 4th November - Sea Leader Training & Assessment with Owen Burson

Date TBC - Kayak Building Workshop



22nd to 31st March - Kayaking in Palawan, Philippines (Some Experience Required)

Summer months date TBD -  Please check this year's trip for info - Greenland Expedition 2019