Rolling & Paddling week sea kayaking in Greece

24th to 30th September 2017

Learn how to roll a sea kayak and make your roll more reliable: Intensive rolling & forward paddling course: five days of coached paddling in Greece.
The course is also suitable also for those learning to kayak and wanting to fast track their skills.


The week long clinic in Greece provides a relaxed environment in which to practise and receive tuition in rolling and paddling techniques. The clinics are designed for people learning to roll and for those wanting to develop a more reliable roll as well as those new to kayaking who would like to develop skills quickly and in a friendly environment. Patrick Moore from One Moore Adventure teaches the clinics and focuses on using the body, boat, blade techniques. Participants will have individual coaching and will also work in pairs. Pat will work in turns with each student to ensure everyone is receiving coaching according to their needs and level.



We will be paddling in the beautiful Ionian island of Ithaca. The island is unspoilt and has gentle, warm seas - we have chosen the September dates especially as the water temperature will be gorgeous and perfect for roll practice. There are a few small villages in the island, some great restaurants and beautiful walking paths high in the hills which afford breath taking views. The island has numerous beaches and coves and the majority are only accessible by sea. Paddle the clear, blue Mediterranean waters; firm up your roll, develop new skills; explore sea caves and coves and relax in the beaches.

Trips are planned on a day-to-day basis taking into account weather and group preferences. Departure is at 10:30 and return is about 4:30pm. Each day will involve 3 to 4 hours paddling/coaching with generous stops for skills practice, snorkelling, swimming or just enjoying the beach.

In the evenings, after a hot shower, enjoy a drink at a cafe or take a stroll around the village. Then dine out at one of the local restaurants, all within walking distance for the rooms.

Maximum of 6 participants.


  • Specially designed for those paddlers that would like to develop a more reliable way to roll a kayak or have not yet succeeded at rolling.
  • Using a Greenland paddle for rolling, forward paddling, turning and support.
  • Individual coaching
  • Maximum of 6 participants
  • Each participant will get a development plan to follow up the course.

Pat Says:

This week is about developing and working on your skills in a warm and welcoming sea environment. There will be plenty of opportunity to do rolling as well as honing in your technique for paddling with a Greenland paddle or Euro paddle in all conditions.

I will coach by sharing my passion of paddling and my journey to find out how to paddle Greenland style in all conditions, which is to achieve maximum results with minimum effort meaning efficient and effortless paddling.

My focus will be on Greenland forward paddling with a stick and basic rolling. I use the body-boat principle (see, links, articles & FAQ), to introduce and develop each person's Greenland paddling skills.

I will work with each participant prior to the trip to develop a personalised action plan which we will work on and continue to develop during the week. 

Each participant will receive individual guidance, instruction and coaching on a daily basis. This will include feedback at the end of each day on their strengths and weaknesses and their plan for the following day.

PRICE: £699PP with £250 deposit on booking.


  • 5 guided day-trips with practice breaks
  • All kayaking equipment
  • Coaching
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Picnic lunch & morning snack 


  • Evening meal (allow €15 to €20pp) and entertainment
  • Rest & arrival day activities
  • Transportation to  & from the island

monthly rolling clinics: 

These four hour rolling clinics will be held once a month during 2017 in west London. You will need your own kayak although we will provide Greenland paddles and may be able to source boats if you require one and let us know in advance. Pat will focus on teaching Greenland rolling and will work in turns with each student to ensure everyone is receiving coaching according to their needs and level. Click here to read about the clinics.

Feel free to mail me on if you have any questions.