sea KayaKing expedition to Palawan -  PHILIPPINES

Group 1 - 22nd to 31st March 2019


Sea Kayaking in Palawan (Philippines) - Expedition.

 This is just too wonderful a place not to kayak there.

Sea kayaking through the Calamianes group of Islands in Northern Palawan from 22-31 March, camping 6 nights on remote island beaches and staying 3 nights in hotels. Boat-supported expedition with 5-person-strong local team consisting of an experienced local guide with proficient sea kayaking, a cook, the boat captain and 2 crew members. Plus UK BC qualified guide.

  • Group 1 - Arrival - 22nd March/Departure - 31st March

To join the expedition you need to have some experience kayaking (2 stars or equivalent) and enjoy camping. If you feel you do not have enough experience at present, there is plenty of time to train and we are happy to tailor a training package for you with awesome coaches.

This type of expedition suits people who are sociable, relaxed, independent, enjoy nature and are happy to change plans at short notice to accommodate for weather changes or group needs.

Here is a video by Cameron Dueck who visited the area:


  • Day 01 – Meet & greet at Coron-Busuanga Airport (USU). Transfer of 30 minutes in to Coron town, checking in to Corto del Mar Hotel for overnight stay. Evening visit to Maquinit Hot Springs for barbecue dinner.
  • Day 02 – Pick up at 8.15 am to go to Expedition boat, boarding at 9 am. If there is no easterly wind or the easterly is light, the expedition boat will cruise to the east coast of Coron Island, kayakers alighting for 15 km paddle to a lagoon so special that the native Tagbanua tribe controlling Coron have a distinct language for the location. On threat of being punished – being whipped with a cane -- we are advised to be silent while within the lagoon. Lunch on the beach followed by 6 km of sublime paddling below towering limestone cliffs, undercut by 4+ mt, making paddlers lose the sense of time characteristic of cave explorers. We camp on the southeast of Coron.
  • (If in the event of a strong easterly, your guide will take you south (headwind can be an issue) on a paddle of the northwest coast of Coron through to Banol Point, visiting some lagoons little discovered by tourists who flock to this coastline. Rounding Banol Point after lunch you will leave the tourist haunts behind and paddle the west coast, eventually finding a beach belonging to a native Tagbanua to set up camp)
  • Day 03 – Paddle out of the beach camp following breakfast. Crew dismantles camp, follows kayakers to Calis Point with its caves and lagoons and tiny lakes. A snorkel & lunch. Paddle across to Gould Island and then on to Bulalakao Island, rounding its eastern & southern shores before heading to Ditaytayan Island to make camp on a sandbar: While swimming off the sandy beach, tents are erected and sunset drinks served. Tents are placed to take advantage of both sunset & sunrise!
  • (If camp is on west coast of Coron, group will part-paddle & part-cruise to Cathedral Cave or Calis Point’s west coast lagoon, exploring them as per itinerary above, before heading to Gould,  Bulalakao & Ditaytayan islands)
  • Day 04 –  Breakfast & morning discovery paddle of Ditaytayan Island. Return as camp dismantled. Cruise across to Malcapuya Island, snorkeling over its giant clams. Three hour paddle, interspersed with lunch follows, destination the town of Culion, during the pre-War American colonial period, the largest leper colony in the world. Check in to a Culion hotel—Maya or Tabi sa Dagat. Walking tour of town.
  • Day 05 – Breakfast. Leprosy museum visit. Kayak to “Nemo Reef”. Snorkel. Lunch. Kayak to Lusong Reef and Wreck. Snorkel. Cruise to remote Galoc island beach to camp, passing South Sea Pearl farms.
  • Day 06 – Breakfast. Paddle out of camp, keeping Galoc Island on the right, heading east north east to the idyllic islands off west Busuanga, stopping to snorkel and beach comb, eventually settling on one of the quieter, more remote ones. BLD
  • Day 07 –  Kayak out of camp after breakfast and paddle to Panlaitan, visiting a fishing village. Lunch on board. Kayak to Black Island where tents will be set up. Snorkeling & caving opportunities abound. BLD
  • Day 08 – Paddle out of Black Island and head to Ocam-Ocam Beach for a reconnoitre before paddling east to Calauit Island, lunch at the Calauit Safari Park. Any one for a walk with giraffes, zebras and the cute endangered deer called the Calamian deer. Launch off from Calauit Safari Park for paddle into a 7-km mangrove paddle dividing Calauit from the main island of Busuanga. Boat pick up and transport to Dibuyuyan Island, our camp for the night. Snorkel treat with turtles, white and black tip sharks.
  • Day 09 – After breakfast and while camp is being dismantled, circle Dibuyuyan before launching west for the Midpid Islands, with its sandbars. Lunch there or on a nearby beach. Kayak into expedition base early afternoon, SandCastles. Snorkel house reef.
  • Day 10 –  Breakfast. Mountain bike, hike or relax. Early lunch. Transfer out to airport 2-1/2 hours prior to flight departure. (The drive to the airport takes 40 minutes)



Explora is a Community Interest Company and such we are developing a project which will aid the education of young people and sea conservation. 




You will learn expedition skills such as:

  • Planning and packing for a sea kayak camping expedition
  • Packing a sea kayak 
  • Camping from a sea kayak
  • Working as a group 
  • Making and taking down camp

Paddling skills:

  • Forward paddling
  • Maintaining direction in wind
  • Open water crossings
  • Paddling as part of a group
  • Paddling in flat and possibly moderate conditions
  • There will be plenty of opportunity to do rolling coached sessions



  • 2 nights hotel
  • 6 nights camping
  • Support boat
  • 5 person-strong local team (guide, cook, boat captain and 2 crew members)
  • UK Guide
  • Most meals
  • Transfers to & from airport
  • Park fees
  • Kayaking & camping equipment

Getting there:

Flight London - Busuanga. Our launch and finish points will be in Busuanga Island.

price: £1,799 To book there is a £350 non-refundable deposit.

To book or to ask any questions, mail