Trail Hiking in Ithaca

1st to 6th October 2018

We will fly to Kefalonia and take the ferry across to Ithaca which will be our base. The Trail Hiking week is structured with three10kms to 12kms treks and one day in which you can choose if to go kayaking with us or take a free day to spend at leisure.

Ithaca is a mountainous island so some hikes can present a degree of challenge although no trail goes above 700 mtrs. Average temperatures are around 20C with an average high at 25C. Some paths are rugged and there are others that have been paved with stone so the hiking conditions can vary from trail to trail.

Ithaca is an unspoilt island with a beautiful coast line and interior. When in the higher sections of the trail, it is possible to appreciate the intricate shape of the land as well as look into the east to the high mountain islands that dot the inland sea. The views are breath taking. During low level hikes, we will visit coves and beaches which will give us the opportunity to relax by the sea.

We also offer a day which can be taken as free day to spend at leisure, or you may decide to join us kayaking along the rugged and impressive limestone coast. The sea is crystal clear and this is the perfect day to take a dip and try your hand at kayaking.


One of the walks will be guided by a local historian who is an expert on Homeric Ithaca. He will guides through the ages to help us understand the role the island played in the ancient world. As part of the walk we will visit what is know as Ulysses Palace high in the mountains of the island. Here, our expert will explain the building, how it worked and who were its inhabitants. This guided walk will bring the Homeric past of the island alive.

One of the most beautiful walks in the island will start at the Kathara Monastery high in the mountains. The monastery is a beautiful building full of the island's history and very much alive with today's religious pilgrims and celebrations. The view from the top of the mountain and the path down to Kioni village are breathtaking. At Kioni we will stop for a very well deserved traditional dinner and we will take a boat ride back to Vathi.

Kayak Day: Paddle from Vathi to Giddaki finishing in Filiatro Beach

This day, we will set off from the village of Vathi on our kayaks and we will paddle all the way to Gidaki beach for our lunch and swim break. Afterwards, we will paddle to Fialiatro beach where we will end. There will be qualified guides and coaches with you to give you tips & advice as well as make sure the group is safe. The sea is normally calm and gentle and of an incredibly beautiful colour. 


- 5 nights shared accommodation (breakfast is not included but the accommodation is in apartments that have cooking facilities so you can make your own breakfast and have it n the terrace looking over the village) We can provide you with single rooms for a supplement.

- Breakfast

- Picnic lunches.

- Beach BBQ.

- Hiking guides, transfers to and from starting/end points as required. 

- Kayaks, general equipment such as paddles, buoyancy aid and spray deck, kayak guide. Both single and double kayaks are available.

- Kayak guides.

You will have to get your own flight, taxis and cover your expenses such as provisions and tavern meals (budget about £20 per taverna meal). 


(A 10% deposit is acceptable if you send in a copy of your flight booking)

To book or to ask any questions, mail me on

 Our hotel.

Our hotel.



Fly to Kefalonia and be sure to arrive there in time to get the ferry to Ithaca from the port of Sami. This is about 45 minutes from the airport. The ferry leaves at about 2:30pm. Normally, everyone in the group takes the same flight and then we book a shared taxi from the airport to Sami. Same on the way back.


Somethings to bring:

Personal First Aid Kit

Small back pack 

Bottle for your water

Flash light

Mosquito repelant/after bite cream

Sun glasses


Flip flops

Walking socks

Walking boots



 Fleece top

Tshirt x3

Windproof/waterproof  jacket


Bathing suit

Paddling Clothes:

Gloves (plastic cycling gloves from Tiger at £5 work really well)

2 Long-sleeve light weight/quick dry Tshirt

Bandana (easy to get wet and put on head when hot)

Quick dry shorts