Explora brings together a select group of experienced coaches, guides and leaders that deliver trips, expeditions, social paddles and workshops. We strive to design unique experiences that will will develop your skills and connect you with new friends and nature.

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What we do

The one thing we all have in common is our passion for nature and helping people develop their talents and skills. We enjoy bringing people to the outdoors in a safe and responsible manner. All our coaches are qualified and have years of experience providing courses and expeditions.

We organise courses, weekend trips, day trips and long expeditions to beautiful places all over the world. We welcome participants of all levels and are keen to provide an open and inclusive atmosphere on all our activities. 

We are social and work through meetup, facebook and twitter.


Adriana Eyzaguirre: Linkedin Profile


Kiliii Fish: Founder of Seawolf Kayaks. Master boat builder who uses traditional techniques to create ultralight kayaks. www.seawolfkayak.com/

Odyssey Diving & Kayaking

Active 360: Paddlebarding. Founded by Paul Hyman, advisor, level 3 coach and keen paddler. www.active360.co.uk

Edge Paddling: Kayak Club with wonderful coaches & members who are up for learning and adventuring. www.edgepaddling.com

Howard Jeffs:  Expert kayaker, navigator and boat builder. www.howardjeffs.com

Roger Chandler - Runs the 4 Star Leader & Paddler Development Course. www.coastalspirit.com

Owen Burson - Senior BCU ccoach. isleofwightadventureactivities.co.uk

Kayarchy, the big free handbook of sea kayaking. Articles and reviews about kayaking and nature. http://kayarchy.co.uk/

AguaHielo Expediciones: Founded by Rolando Toledo - excellent and experienced guide. Champion of the Aysen Region. http://aguahielo.cl/

Greenland Paddling and Rolling with Patrick Moore.  https://www.facebook.com/One.Moore.Adventure?fref=ts


If you would like to partner with us, send us an email on adriana@exploraexpeditions.com