Level 4 wilderness emergency care

London February/March 2018 - Date TBC

How would you react to a medical emergency in the wilderness ?

Why not come along and prepare for this challenge before you’re faced with it? Work with us over 4 challenging days and evening scenario sessions to achieve a good level of preparedness if the worst does happen. Our program is largely hands on with an emphasis on real skills rather than spending endless hours attending powerpoint presentations. It’s also a very enjoyable way to spend a few days… fun guaranteed!

The course in remote or wilderness emergency care is designed for kayakers to deal with medical situations that could arise during kayaking expedition to far off locations. In this scenario, a group of kayakers needs to support the victim for an extended period of time. The course will prepare kayakers to deal with incidents on and off the water and we will work in areas such as hypothermia, resucitation, heart failure, trauma, etc... 

The remote wilderness emergency care course is delivered by Paul Cahill who is an Advanced Paramedic. He works professionally in emergency care and has worked in 3 professional rescue services. He has worked as a wilderness medic in places such as Alaska and Norway. He has been involved with outdoor emergency care training for 20 years.


About the Wilderness Emergency care Course for kayakers

What is a L 4 Course ?

A level 4 program covers basic and advanced first aid that relates to the outdoor environment for both water and land based incidents . From taking a pulse to communication with medical professionals we cover all the key skills required to provide lay rescuer emergency care in the field!

Who can attend ?

The program runs over 4 days with an additional 3 evening sessions running until 9pm so this program requires a lot of commitment. No previous certification is required but if you have no previous experience we will ask you to do some pre course reading!

Why attend this program?

Remote Emergency Care is primarily a practical skill. This program is largely focused on helping students gain hands on practical emergency care skills. If you participate regularly on kayaking expeditions or look after kayaking groups, the course will equip you to deal with emergencies on and off the water.

Course Outline

•    Day 1 , Basics Review

Vital signs, accident procedure, bleeding, resuscitation / defibrillation , fractures

•    Day 2 , Trauma

Advanced fracture management, serious life threatening trauma to head , chest , belly,

•    Day 3 , Medical

From heart attacks to sugar imbalance emergencies with the intricacies of conscious casualty assessment included.

•    Day 4 , Environmental , Long Term Care , Incident Management

Thermal management issues from too hot to too cold, hydration issues and all the hands on skills to manage theses problems.


Remote Emergency Care, United Kingdom

Remote Emergency Care is our certificating body. Remote has its own Medical Director Dr Matt Ladbrook who oversees our clinical policies and ensures good practice by trainers. Please feel free to look up the website at remoteemergencycare.com

The dates will be confirmed shortly.

Number of participants: 12

Price: £330

Location: London (Exact place to be announced soon)