8 day Kayaking & HIKing discovery trip to DISKO Bay - a unesco world Heritage site


25th of July to 1st of August 2020



The discovery trip:

Our new kayaking & hiking trip in one of Greenland’s most unique arctic environments opens a dream of a lifetime to everyone. You do not need to be a hard core, experience kayaker any longer to explore this amazing location. The right mix of paddling, exploring, hiking, camping and accommodation make this trip accessible to many more people. We go to Disko Bay which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, kayak among huge icebergs, hike to the interior, whale watch and enjoy the magical light of the midnight sun. 

Looking at the ice cap.

Looking at the ice cap.

We will set off from Ilulissat by rib and travel north among the giant icebergs exploring the coastline on the route. Our first base will be in Oqaatsut which is a tiny settlement with a few families. Here is the last restaurant for hundreds of miles around and it serves traditional Greenlandic specialities which we will try one night. The village has many dogs with pups that Greenlandic families keep and use to pull their sleds the sea ice in winter.

Our days will be a combination of exploration by foot and kayak. The day after our arrival, we will do our first kayak day trip which is a great opportunity to see the area south of Oqaatsut by sea. On the third day we will set off with loaded kayaks to expedition and wild camp for 4 days around the area. We will set up camp in a beautiful bay with a clear river and an excellent view to the slowly drifting bergs. The bay is popular with whales that bring their calves for a snooze out of the currents and moving ice. We will make this our base camp for the next few nights.

From here, we will explore the coastline by kayak, take pictures and videos and admire the amazing sights. One day we will take a hike inland to explore the views and the nature. As there is light for 24 hours, our days are not limited to doing activities at specific times. Getting to know Greenland 'at night' in the golden light of the low sun is a special and moving experience.

Whilst we are out on expedition, we will be in remote locations with no facilities, so we take a large tent where we cook and socialise in the evenings.

We will then return to Oqaatsut to spend the night there and the following morning, we will take the rib back to Ilulissat. The rest of the day is free to give everyone the opportunity to explore what feels like a 'frontier' town. There is a hike to the entrance of the glacier which has spectacular views of gigantic ice making its way to the open sea. There are also a few cafes and restaurants to enjoy the last evening of this adventure.

The following morning, we will have breakfast at our hostel and then take a transfer to the airport to start our journey home.


We work with local businesses to make sure our visit benefits the local community. From 2019, we will be working with a local Greenlandic family who has recently established a new business in a small village.

Tunnels in icebergs are a spectacular sight.

Tunnels in icebergs are a spectacular sight.


DAY 1: Arrive in Ilulissat at about 1:30pm. Here will do any shopping the group might need, relax over a caribou burger or a halibut stir fry at the local thai cafe. We will then board the rib and make our way by sea among the monumental icebergs that surround Ilulissat to Oqaatsut. We will unpack, do a boat fitting and prepare our things for the following day. In the evening we will have dinner at the local Greenlandic restaurant. We will stay the bunk house sharing rooms.

DAY 2: Our first day trip will be in Rodebay and we will explore the area, get used to the kayaks and the kit. We will have a picnic lunch. On our return to base in Oqaatsut, we will have dinner in the bunk house and prepare all our kit for the following day. We will tailor the length of our paddling day to the weather conditions and the group.

DAY 3: After breakfast, we will load our kayaks with all the kit we need for our adventure into the wilderness. We will make our way to a beautiful bay with a crystal clear river and set camp there. The bay is visited by whales with calves during summer and huge bergs drift slowly past. This will be our base camp for the next few days. We will have a picnic lunch on the way and dinner at camp. The camp has a clear river and it is possible to do short walks to admire the bergs and the whales from land.

DAY 4: We will do a hiking day trip from our base camp. We will go exploring along the coastline to see the icebergs and whales and also the interior to experience the silence, majesty and beauty of inland Greenland in summer. This is an opportunity to take a close look at the beautiful and delicate tundra with its tiny flowers and dark likens.

DAY 5: On this day, we will go exploring the coastline by kayak. This is a great opportunity to see the area around our base camp and admire the huge bergs, take lots of photos and videos. If we are lucky, we might see whales on the way.

DAY 6: After breakfast, we will return to Oqaatsut by kayak exploring the coastline. Once there, we will hand over the kit and relax at the bunk house. We will have our dinner and then, if everyone has energy late at night, we will go for a walk to admire the bergs in the midnight sun.

DAY 7: We will return in the morning to Ilulissat on the rib with our luggage. During the journey, we will have the opportunity to admire the giant icebergs that even larger as we approach Ilulissat. There we will check into the hostel and have the rest of the day free to explore Ilulissat. There are are cafes and shop offering local products and crafts. We will have dinner together in the hostel.

DAY 8: We will have breakfast in the hostel and then will be picked up in the morning to transfer to the airport to start our journey back home.

**The itinerary is weather dependent and we may change the order, duration or the location of the activities for safety reasons.

PRICE: £2,899

It includes:

  • Coaching & guiding in Greenland

  • Kayak & kayaking equipment

  • 3 nights in a hostel/Bunk house

  • All dinners, lunches and breakfasts and tea/coffee during the expedition

  • Communal tent for socialising, cooking & eating

  • Safety, Communication and First Aid equipment

To book, there is a non-refundable £1,500. Balance is due 6 months prior to departure. Payment plans can also be arranged with participants.

Additionally, you will need to budget for expenses including kit, flights, two nights’ accommodation in Copenhagen, snacks s and some sundries.

Join our Kayaking in Greenland group on Facebook to meet others and exchange questions, experiences, photos, etc…: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kayakingingreenland/




Our Greenland Trip prides itself of working with local people to bring benefits to the local community and businesses. In 2019 we will work with an Greenlandic/French family based in a small village of 24 inhabitants. This family keeps the local traditions alive from the food they will share with us to their sled dog teams that they use during winter for travelling, hunting and fishing. We hope that our collaboration helps them and their community to be more successful and it give us and our participants the opportunity to interact with local people and have a deeper experience of the place.

As part of our program we have a rubbish management plan to make as little an impact as possible in this pristine environment. In addition, we will collect rubbish from the ocean and the shores and dispose of it according to our plan.

In order to support local conservancy work of polar bears, we are adopting cubs and making donations. Please follow the link to Polar Bears International to learn about the amazing work they do.