UK SEA weekends - beginners WELCOME

Sea Kayaking


dates 2019: 27th & 28th April and August 17th & 18th

Sea kayaking weekend in the south coast. These weekends are suitable for beginners as we will have experienced coaches in the water with us. On Saturday and Sunday we will be taken by van by our instructors to the location where we will kayak. This will depend on the weather & sea conditions on the day. 

Sea Kayaking: Each person will have their own sea kayak so it is a good opportunity to learn skills and develop confidence. The instructors will be there to look after us but they can also offer tips & advice. All paddling will be suitable for beginners.

Accommodation: We will be either camping or staying in a common hall at the centre Friday & Saturday nights. If we camp, the tents are provided so you only need to bring a sleeping bag & matt in either case. A torch also comes in very handy.

Food: There is a kitchen at the centre which we can use and there is a pub within walking distance. So bring food for breakfast and maybe enough to make yourself a packed lunch on Saturday & Sunday. If you have a flask also bring it as it is nice to have tea or soup after kayaking.


The price includes all your kayaking equipment including wetsuit & cag, instructors, local transport in the van and camping.  


As part of our program you can join us in picking plastic from the sea and the beaches. We will carry bags to collect litter from the sea and the beaches. Over our lunch break, we will take a look at what components there are in the litter as maybe we can help reduce the plastic tide by avoiding the use of some of these objects.

Custom & Tailor Made Trips & Courses

dates flexible

We also provide custom & tailor made sea kayaking trips & courses in Pembrokeshire, Devon, Dorset & Anglesey. You may choose to join a pre-existing group or have a coached trip designed specially for you. We work with top coaches that have excellent equipment and can provide you with a safe and beautiful experience along the UK coast line. From foraging & wild life spotting trips, to team building days and skills development activities.

This is ideal for couples, groups of friends and corporate outings.

For more information on sea kayaking tailor made trips & courses, please contact