Greenland Rolling in ithaca with Eiichi Ito

16th to 21st September 2019


Eiichi Ito will come to Ithaca in Greece to coach Greenland rolling. He will focus on giving individual coaching which might vary from coaching how to roll to paddlers who have not yet developed a roll, coaching more complex rolls to more experienced paddlers, or helping develop a range of rolls.

Greenland rolling in Ithaca

From Eiichi:

I’m Eiichi. I have established QajaqJPN, and I am currently serving as President of the club. QajaqJPN, is one of the official club in Qaannat Kattuffiat. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to introduce you to Greenland rolls. I will teach them to you by using both practical skill and original animation. I’m really looking forward to seeing you.


the experience

We have arranged this rolling event to create a break in a gorgeous Greek island with crystal clear warm waters where you can relax, socialise with a group of paddlers over cocktails and dinners and dedicate lots of time to your paddling and working on your rolls. Every day we will have rolling sessions but will also paddle in different parts of the island. You’ll get to see the beautiful coastline and explore isolated coves which we will have for ourselves and sometimes share with some goats! The water temp in September was 27C this year and air temp can vary from 25 to 30C during the day and about 19 to 22C at night.

We will have a beach BBQ & party one evening in one of the most beautiful beaches in the island. Also, some of the small family beach tavernas will be open, and we will have the chance to have fried calamari and beers by the seaside. Our objective is to create a fun, social, relaxed event that supports paddlers and helps them develop in new ways with the help of an specialist and experienced coach.

Ithaca is small and unspoilt island that offers calm and clear waters to kayak and do roll practice. There are family hotels with gorgeous views over the bay and local restaurants offering fresh fish, local vegetables and traditional Greek food and drinks.



Not included

  • Flights to & from Kefalonia

  • Taxis for arrival & departure to Ithaca#Dinners & breakfasts

Price: £850 with a £300 non-refundable deposit

For further information or to book, please contact


  • If a participants requires a single room, we can arrange that but there will be extra cost.

  • September temperatures are around 27C during the day and 19C at night. The sea temperature is over 26C at the beginning of the month.

  • Please note that you are welcome to arrive earlier or extend your stay.

Lars Gram who creates beautiful handmade wooden Greenland paddles and carbon paddles will send us demo ones for our workshop. It will be a pleasure to have some of his outstanding work to do our rolling workshop.

If you would like more information on his work, please visit his website here.

Vathi in Ithaca which will be our base.

Vathi in Ithaca which will be our base.